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Story of CAMELOT

The story of CAMELOT begins with the political marriage of the idealistic young British King Arthur and the French princess Guenevere. In Act One, Arthur strives to establish a peaceful kingdom, founded on the principles of democracy and justice that he learned about from his late mentor Merlyn, and which he pledges his Knights of the Round Table to uphold. 


As word travels of Arthur's new order, it draws the best of Europe's knights to his court. Among them is the renowned Lancelot du Lac of France. At first, Guenevere is annoyed by Lancelot’s arrogance, and plots to see him defeated in a jousting contest. But Lancelot wins every fight, even against Arthur. Lancelot knocks Arthur unconscious, then seems to revive him with the power of prayer. His triumph impresses the King and the Queen.


In Act Two, after a year of peace, trouble is brewing. Despite their best efforts to stay loyal to the King, Guenevere and Lancelot’s feelings for each other have grown. This coincides with the arrival of Arthur's illegitimate son Mordred, the product of a teenage affair with Morgan Le Fey. Mordred tricks Arthur into leaving the palace to visit Le Fey. That night, convinced that her husband is spending a romantic evening with his old flame, Guenevere gives in to her feelings for Lancelot.


The lovers are found out and Guenevere is jailed. Lancelot rescues her and takes her to France. War breaks out between Lancelot and Arthur’s armies. King Arthur faces the impossible reality of reconciling Camelot’s laws and ideals with his love for Guenevere and Lancelot. The loss of the King’s values throws Arthur’s life and his nation into chaos. CAMELOT concludes with a simple and difficult question: where do we go from here?


Explore Camelot Play

Andrew Burnap (center) and company in LCT's production of Camelot


Andrew Burnap plays Arthur in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

An idealistic young King who came to power by pulling a mythical sword from a stone.

played by Andrew Burnap

Phillipa Soo plays Guenevere in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

A princess sent from France to marry Arthur and become his wife and Queen.

played by Phillipa Soo

Jordan Donica plays Lancelot in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

A proud and accomplished knight who travels to Camelot to swear his allegiance to Arthur and join his Round Table. Arthur’s dearest friend.

played by Jordan Donica

Dakin Mathews plays Merlyn & Pellinor in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

MERLYN: Arthur's wise old mentor.


PELLINORE: An eccentric, elderly Knight who becomes a valued friend of the King.

played by Dakin Matthews

Taylor Trensch plays Mordred in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

The King’s illegitimate son, born out of wedlock to Arthur’s first love, Morgan Le Fey. The villain of this story.

played by Taylor Trensch

Marilee Talkington plays Morgan Le Fey in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

Arthur's first love and mother to his illegitimate son, Mordred. A recluse from society. A scientist in a time before science.

Morgan Le Fey
played by Marilee Talkington

Camden McKinnon Taylor plays Tom of Warwick in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

A young boy who Arthur knights and charges with telling the story of Camelot.

played by Camden McKinnon

Anthony Michael Lopez plays Sir Dinadan in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

A Knight in King Arthur's court.

played by Anthony Michael Lopez

Fergie Philippe plays Sir Sagramore in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

An honorable but impetuous Knight in King Arthur's court.

played by Fergie Philippe

Danny Wolohan plays Lionel in Lincoln Center Theater's CAMELOT

A Knight in King Arthur's court.

played by Danny Wolohan

Camelot at Lincoln Center Theatre Playbill cover

Click The Playbill for information about the cast and creative team of CAMELOT.

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